If a contract, is negotiated and drafted professionally and custom made for your specific transaction and needs, this will circumvent most of the problems that might arise and prevent disputes and lengthy litigation. Hence “your legal solutions start here,” If contracts and commercial agreements are properly drafted it will ensure a mutually beneficial association and relationship between the parties without complications. Allow us to assist you in drafting your agreements and contracts whether business, family or property related.

We can assist with the following:

– Shareholders and membership agreements;
– company and close corporations to company registration
– sale and transfer shares membership agreements
– employment agreements
– family law contracts
– wills
– family trusts
– business trusts
– divorce settlement agreements
– agreements regulating parental rights
– property law contracts and other associated agreements
– sale of residential property
– sale of commercial property
– lease of residential and commercial property
– bond registration and cancellation
– joint venture agreements
– franchise agreements
– sub-contractor agreements
– liquor licence applications