No Success No fee

We pride ourselves on conducting business with integrity, honesty and respect. We strive to recover our client’s hard earned monies within the Scope and confines of the law.

We have Tracers and field agent’s nationwide to assist us in tracing debtors and sign acknowledgements of debts. We combine the call centre method and legal process simultaneously, to provide a cost-effective and efficient service. Our call centre specializes in collection of large volumes of consumer debt on a contingency basis.

Why use us?
– solutions for all your debt recoveries
– no need to appoint extra personnel to collect outstanding debts
– flexible feedback reports
– offers maximum recoveries
– fees are based on performance
– guarantees performance, commitment and cost saving

We have:

  • The latest technology, software and equipment
  • Highly skilled staff
  • Performance driven goals and incentives
  • Dedicated staff for collections to all EDC’s (electronic debt collectors)
  • EDC’s in all major towns and city’s
  • Training supplied to all EDC’s
  • Call Centre facilities
  • Monthly reporting and payments to client/creditor
  • In-house attorneys overseeing the collections

Most of our clients choose the option where we as attorneys only get paid if we are successful. Therefore NO COLLECTION, NO FEE!!!!!

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